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Sprouting and Seed Starting Source List

Here are a few of our favourite places to find seed starting gear and micro green supplies.


Some of our favourites include broccoli, red diakon radish, and sunflowers. You can find these and more at:

Kuhlman's Market Garden (Edmonton) - 1320 167 Ave


We custom mix ours, but you can use any quality potting soil with a fine texture from:

Apache Seeds (Edmonton) - 10136 149 St

Kuhlman's Market Garden

For soil-less methods of sprouting, Earths General Store carries sprouters (biosta and jar method)

Trays, Inserts, Cells/Pots, and Plastic Domes

We use the heavier weight trays because they last longer, locally sourced from: Apache Seeds. For microgreen inserts (cells) stick with the 01 series. Ex. 601, 801, 1001, 1201 etc. This means 6, 8, 10 or 12 compartments/tray which allows you to grow more than one variety of seed in each tray. Apache is also a great source for cells and pots for transplants or you can make your own out of yoghurt containers (just punch some holes in the bottom for drainage), egg cartons, or DIY newspaper pots.

Grow Lights

Shop lights work well (find at any hardware store) but sunblasters are our favourite. A sunny south facing window also works well!

Apache Seeds

All Seasons Garden Centre (Edmonton) - 10027 81 Ave

Tips, Tricks, and Growing Advice

Mumms Seeds is always a great resource:

Growing Micro Greens:

The Leaf Ninjas, urban farmers from Calgary also have some great guides

And of course, keep you eyes on our blog for tips throughout the season

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