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Flower Subscription (weekly, 8 weeks, 15 weeks)


The Blooms


Get a great big bouquet this summer for 8 weeks. These bouquets are large bouquets for the price. Cut out the flown in flowers, the Styrofoam and increase your shelf life to closer to 2 weeks by buying locally grown bouquets grown here for you. We grow hundreds of varieties of flowers and will show you lots of new stuff. 




Option 1: Choose a full 15 weeks from June 27 to October 3 $420

Option 2 (most popular): Choose every two weeks (8 weeks total) from June 27 until oct 3. $240

Option 3: Choose which weeks you want to have bouquets and pay per week $32/week


Flowers often last 2 weeks in a vase if water is kept fresh.


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We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about the program. You can reach Ryan at 780-803-2381. Our email is

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