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The Vitality Box (Farm Box Small 2.0)

The Veg


This box is curated for all those people looking for our favorite nutritionally dense organic vegetables. For 15 weeks you will receive 2 microgreen varieties in our larger retail sizes. It could include pea shoots, sunflower shoots, popcorn shoots, broccoli shoots, radish trio, vitality mix, kale, arugula, amaranth, beet or many many more. It will also include 1 more field vegtables great for juicing, smoothies or eating raw like kale, beets, carrots, endive, celery. etc.




June 27 to October 3– that’s 15 weeks of fresh salads grown with you in mind!

The Buy In


$280 - upfront or $20/week. Part time options available. We accept cash, cheques, credit card and email transfers. Payment can be arranged at checkout on our online store. 


CSA is a prepaid model which provides farmers with a much needed influx of cash in the spring when they're making major purchases such as seeds and equipment. With this in mind, prepaid gets a lower price as you are helping us out with our farm season.

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We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about the program. You can reach Ryan at 780-803-2381. Our email is

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